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Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool for building, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

Collaborating with other MSU Users

You can collaborate on surveys with individual users within MSU by adding them as a collaborator to your surveys:

Please note, if you are trying to collaborate with another MSU user that has never logged into the MSU Qualtrics subscription before, they will be prompted to accept a collaboration the same way as an external user would (see below).

Collaborating with External Users

Collaborating with users outside of your organization works very similarly to collaborating within your organization. Rather than using the address book though, you’ll simply enter their email address:

The person you've added as a collaborator will need to watch their email for a collaboration code. They will use the code to accept the collaboration via their Qualtrics account. They will not be able to see the survey in their shared projects until they've accepted the collaboration.

Setting up Groups

Groups allow two or more users to share projects, graphics, files, and messages in libraries. Users within groups can also share contact lists in their Contacts page. Groups can include everyone in your organization, everyone in a specific division, or only specific users that you manually select:

If you'd like a group created in Qualtrics, please contact the Brand Admin, Hannah McKelvey, and request to have one created.


Having trouble adding a collaborator to your survey? 

Can't see they survey that was shared with you or have limited permission?

  • Make sure you accepted the collaboration and entered the code if you are trying to collaborate with an external user or a new MSU user.
  • Be sure you are logging into the MSU version of Qualtrics and verify what email the person entered to make you a collaborator. If you are using a free version of Qualtrics, we recommend contacting Qualtrics Support to have that account deleted.
  • If you seem to have limited editing options, make sure the person who is sharing the survey has enabled all permissions. When they choose to share a project, they will need to be sure to select all options/permissions that you will need.