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Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool for building, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

Check Survey Accessibility Feature

***Please note that while these built-in features to help ensure that a survey is accessible, ultimately, you are responsible for verifying the accessibility of your own survey.***

The Check survey accessibility feature diagnoses your survey, indicates which questions are inaccessible, and gives other recommendations for increased accessibility to help you work towards WCAG 2.0 AA (and Section 508) compliant surveys:

Building Accessible Surveys

Not every question type in Qualtrics is considered accessible for screen readers. Please review the list of accessible and inaccessible question types maintained by Qualtrics

In addition carefully selecting question types, Qualtrics also has other options you should include in an accessible survey:

  • Follow Accessible Theming Guidelines
  • Add alt-text to all images
  • Double-check the contrast, color schemes, and font size in your rich content editor or Look and feel when taking color-blind and other visually impaired respondents into account
  • If you are adding validation to a question, including request response and force response, then you should indicate that the question has special requirements in the question text.
  • Take care when copying/pasting text from other sources because copied HTML can cause issues with screen readers. If HTML issues arise, try strip formatting.
  • Do not include labels in any of your question types, as these will not be visible to screen readers. Labels in NPS questions (“Not at all likely” and “Extremely likely”) are not visible to any screen readers so as not to bias respondents.
  • Number your survey questions using the auto-number feature and show them to your respondents.
  • Change the default survey navigation buttons to something more readable than ‘>>’. The default navigation button text is “>>” and “<<“, but words like “next” and “back” are better because screen readers can read them out loud to visually impaired respondents
  • Change the default survey title, which is the text that displays on the browser tab for survey respondents.

Suggestions above are directly from Qualtrics Support.

Other Considerations to Improve Accessibility

Please note, survey accessibility and the accuracy of the built-in accessibility checkers is contingent upon hardware and software: