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Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool for building, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

Account Add-Ons

The MSU Library's Qualtrics subscription currently contains access to the following add-ons: 

Current Add-Ons:

Do I need to request Access from Brand Admin to use add-on:

Advanced Question Types No, enabled by default for all users.
Advanced Quotas No, enabled by default for all users.
API (Developer Tools)  
Expert Review - Response Quality No, enabled by default for all users.
File Upload Question No, enabled by default for all users.
Fraud Detection No, enabled by default for all users.
Offline Survey App Yes. (request access)
SMS Distributions Yes. (request access)
Salesforce Integration No, enabled by default for all users.
Screen-out Reporting No, enabled by default for all users.
Stats iQ Yes. (request access)
Tableau Integration Yes. (request access)

Offline Survey Account Permissions

MSU affiliated student, staff, or faculty members have access to the Qualtrics Offline Survey feature. However, you will need to contact and request that your Qualtrics account be given permission to create an offline survey. 

Pre-existing Qualtrics Account

If you had a Qualtrics account via a different university or you set up a free Qualtrics account and would like your accounts merged, you will need to contact Qualtrics Support and work directly with them to merge accounts.

To contact Qualtrics Support:

  1. Go to the Qualtrics Support Page
  2. Choose 'Sign in with SSO'
  3. Enter 'montana' (lowercase letters) as the Organization ID
  4. Sign in with your NetID and password

Additionally, if you created a free Qualtrics account using your MSU email, we recommended that you contact Qualtrics Support, and ask them to delete your free trial account. It's an easy process and as soon as they have deleted your trial account, you can login to your MSU Qualtrics account.

Transferring Surveys

Occasionally, survey ownership between MSU affiliates may need to be changed. Transferring surveys is possible and easy! If you need a survey transferred to or from you, please follow these steps: 

  1. Email Hannah McKelvey
  2. Include the name of the person that you want surveys transferred to or from
  3. Include the name(s) of the surveys you'd like to transferred