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Research Recognition: ORCID, Activity Insight, and Documenting Your Scholarly Work

Save time and increase research visibility


What is ORCID?

ORCID provides researchers with a unique identifier – an ORCID iD – plus a mechanism for linking their research outputs and activities to their ORCID iD. ORCID is integrated into many systems used by publishers, funders, institutions, and other research-related services.


Watch Why ORCID? to learn more:


Why register your ORCID iD?



Distinguishes you and ensures your research outputs and activities are correctly attributed to you
Reliably and easily connects you with your contributions and affiliations
Reduces form-filling: enter your data once, have it reused often
Improves recognition and discoverability for you and your research outputs
Is interoperable: it works with many institutions, funders, and publishers
Is persistent: you can use it throughout your research career

Having an ORCID iD is also a requirement of many journal manuscript submission systems and grant application forms.

Learn more about ORCID at

This handy guide will help you get the most out of your ORCID.


How to Register


How to register, create, and update your profile                                             

  1. Go to ORCID to register and receive an iD.         
  2. Add your position title and affiliation to your ORCID record.
  3. Import your references from a source such as Scopus, Europe PMC, Dimensions, and/or CrossRef Metadata Search using "Link Works." [optional]  References can also be added manually.   
  4. Consider authorizing CrossRef to automatically update your profile on an ongoing basis.                
  5. Import your grants using the ÜberWizard or enter them manually.  [optional]
  6. Use "Account Settings" to manage your privacy preferences.

How to Connect Your ORCID with Activity Insight

1. Log in to Activity Insight

2. Go to the Publications/Intellectual Contributions link

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3. Go to the Import button 

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4. Go to the Create or Connect Your ORCID ID button. The system will walk you through the rest of the process from there.


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