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Faculty Services

Choosing the Right Resource

Find Your Curriculum in Our Collections 

The Library has textbooks?  Actually, our collections hold a rich array of books and eBooks from the same academic publishers faculty already use. Though we do not buy textbooks, many books assigned by instructors are not considered by publishers to be a textbook and are available to add to our collections.  Have a book in mind? Check our collections first. We may already have it. While we are talking about textbooks, have you considered using an open education textbook (OER)? These are the same high quality materials available for free to your students!

decorative iconBe it Videos, Journal Articles, Labs and Simulations, or unique Montana materials, our faculty will work one-on-one with you to identify resources available and help you provide clear access to them.

Purchase and Subscription Request Form For when we don't have what you need, use this form to give us details of any purchases you would like your Library to make.


Faculty Favorites

Integrate Research Skills Into Your Course

decorative iconLibrary Instruction: We Teach For You!

We can help you by teaching your students the information literacy skills they need. We offer In-Person & Virtual teaching sessions as well as a suite of videos that you can embed into your D2L course, assignments, handouts, and other scenarios that we can customize to fit your course and style of teaching. Our team works together to provide you with the learning experience that fits you and your unique needs in the format that works best for your class. Request Library Instruction.

Instructor Resources for Teaching Research
The library has created and compiled resources to support instructors teaching research and information literacy skills in their own classes, including Lesson Plans, Activities, and Handouts for both in person classes, and online asynchronous classes. 

What's Information Literacy?  Want your students to learn how to research including Navigating Library Databases ; Narrowing Your Search; Spotting Fake News; Understanding Scholarly Research and more? These are information literacy skills. 

Instruction with Video Tutorials   Don't have class-time to commit? Have students whodecorative icon missed a library presentation and need to catch up? We have options for you.

Library Materials in Your Course Shell

computer iconYour students need videos/articles/labs/research, and we know you don't need to deal with access and link issues. We can help with that too!

You can now access the library directly in Brightspace and pull items from the Library's collections into your course shell. UDX recommends minimal links and clicking to ensure access and use. Use our tool within D2L to help your students get and utilize the information they need to succeed. For more Brightspace help, visit eCats.

Copyright FAQs for Brightspace

Can I post or upload PDFs directly to my Brightspace course?decorative icon

  • Posting or uploading PDFs directly to your Brightspace course is generally okay if the PDF has a Creative Commons license that allows it. Otherwise, the preferred option for most PDFs that you find through the Library's online resources is to use a stable URL to link back to the PDF. If you are unable to find the stable URL, please contact us for help.

Is it acceptable to scan book chapters or articles and upload them to my Brightspace course?

  • Scanning a small portion, one chapter for example, typically falls under fair use. Copyright experts from across the country released a statement in March 2020 providing clarity regarding fair use. For help assessing the amount of a book/other material that can be posted online, please contact Leila Sterman, our Scholarly Communication Librarian. 
  • Additionally, the Library does subscribe to many eBook providers, and we'd be happy to help you find out if we have a title available electronically. Many of our eBooks allow for unlimited, simultaneous use. We can also help you figure out if the book you want to use allows for this. If the book you are using is in the public domain then it is acceptable to post in it's entirety (this applies to all works published before 1925). 

Can I make a copy of a DVD I own available to stream via my Brightspace course?

  • Not without permission. It is acceptable to stream short clips from movies - in fact, many of the streaming video databases the Library subscribes to provide users with direction on how to do this. If you need help finding movies in a streaming format, please contact us. 

Who should I contact about licensing or access questions?