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MSU Library Virtual Stress Relief Guide

Relax with Pets

Some times school can be little bit "ruff".
Take the stress off by spending time with an animal!

Below are pictures of animals to give you a warm fuzzy feeling. You'll find some photos and a video from the library's Paws to De-Stress events along with a gallery of library pets. When library staff works at home, they find themselves surrounded by new co-workers - their pets! These creatures may jump on keyboards, paw at the door, and offer work challenges never imagined. But they are part of the family, and we wanted to share them with you. 


Paws to De-Stress at the MSU Library - Video One

Each semester, the MSU Library partners with Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA) to present Paws to De-Stress. Throughout dead week, finals week, and at pop-up events throughout the semester, ITA volunteers bring their pets to the library offering students a chance to relax and relieve stress.

Paws to De-Stress Slideshow

"I love Paws to De-Stress. Every year it helps me get through finals week." 
Survey feedback from a Paws to De-Stress attendee

"They took my mind off my workload for a little."
Survey feedback from a Paws to De-Stress attendee

Most of the animals during Paws to De-Stress are dogs, but sometimes there's a cat.

Sometimes there's a donkey at  Paws to De-Stress! This is Oliver.

Although they're not trained therapy animals, alpacas can also help you de-stress.
Thanks to our friends at Alpacas of Montana for bringing the alpacas to the library!

"I relaxed a ton and couldn't stop smiling."
Survey feedback from a Paws to De-Stress attendee

Paws to De-Stress at MSU Library - Video Two

Another Paws to De-Stress video featuring MSU Library employee pets. 

Library Pets

Rufus and the Bobkittens are the library's mascots. You can follow their escapades on our social media channels.

@MontanaStateUniversityLibrary - Facebook
@MSULibrary - Instagram and Twitter

Pet: Cisco
Cisco's Person: Hannah McKelvey, Electronic Resources & Discovery Services Librarian

Cisco was adopted from the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter in 2009. Ever since, he has never left our side and tags along for nearly everything we do, and we can’t imagine life with him!

Leeloo's Person: Lissa Fields, Program Assistant

Leeloo is a fearless kitty that behaves more like a dog than a cat. She loves riding in the car, camping, playing fetch, and chewing  shoes. She has a huge personality for a little kitty!

Pet: Ollie Bug Scooter Pants
Ollie's Person: Jodi Rasker, Metadata Technician & Music Cataloger

Pet: Cobalt
Cobalt's Person: Ann Vinciguerra, Events and Communications Manager

The trick to preventing your cat from jumping on your keyboard is to place a chair with a towel or a blanket on it near your desk. It was worked so far with Cobalt as he sits peacefully by my side as I work.

Pet: Sadie
Sadie's Person: Janice Stokes, Service Desk Program Manager

Pets: Dipper and Mabel
Dipper and Mabel's Person: Collection Development Librarian


PetsHolly (the Calico) and Charlie (the Siamese)
Holly and Charlie's Person: Doralyn Rossmann, Head of Digital Library Initiatives

Holly and Charlie watch me as I'm about about to go for a run – they’re my purrsonal trainers!

Pet: Jari
Jari's Person: Kenning Arlitsch, Library Dean

Here’s my German Shepherd pup, Jari, at 3 months old in 2003. Unbelievably cute!

Pet: Puck
Puck's Person: Nic Padallno, Service Desk Weekend Supervisor

Puck is the sassiest cat I have ever met. She enjoys glaring at us as we walk by, knocking thinks off of the bathroom counter, and bopping the dog in the face when he is sleeping.

Library Pets - the Video!

Paws to De-Stress with some four-legged friends! Meet some of the library employee's dogs.