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MSU Library Virtual Stress Relief Guide

Taking Time for Self-Care

undefinedAdd a Little "Me Time" to Your Agenda!

Self-care is any deliberate activity that focuses on mental, emotional, and physical health. A daily dose of self-care can help improve mood and reduced anxiety.

To get you started, Psychology Today offers four realistic rules for better self-care. Click here to read the article.

Below are a number of self-care activities for you to try. 

Daily Meditation

Meditation can help enhance self-awareness, self-acceptance and patience. It strengthens resilience during uncertainty and can decrease anxiety, worry, and stress.  Tune in to the Daily Calm for a ten-minute meditation session.


Exercise is a great way to reduce stress while staying healthy. 

Fitness Blender offers hundreds of videos you can do at home - many of them require no special equipment.


Healthy Eating

Good nutrition is essential for your body and your mind to perform at their peak. Good nutrition can help reduce the risk of disease, can improve overall well-being, and can help increase energy levels. But proper nutrition can be hard to maintain, especially when feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Nutrition Serves, a unit of University Health Partners, offers nutrition counseling for students. Optimal nutrition is unique for each individual, and their Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can help empower students to discover their own path to well-being.

The Berkeley Well-Being Quiz 3.0

Take this quiz to explore the multiple aspects of your well-being.