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Evaluating Information Sources

Learn how to evaluate and critique information sources.

Is it biased?

Bias is when a statement reflects a partiality, preference, or prejudice for or against a person, object, or idea." "


  • Who wrote and published the article?
  • Who benefits from the information?
  • Who have you also heard discuss this?
  • Who is this trying to appeal to?
  • Who else uses these terms/words?


  • What is the purpose of the site or article?
  • What are the verifiable facts?
  • What do the language/images tell you about the author’s opinion?
  • What does this make you feel?


  • When would you use this language?
  • When is it useful to use this language?
  • What would you use this article as evidence?
  • Has the article or resource been updated?


  • Where is the information coming from?
  • Where does the site or author get their funding?
  • Where do they get their evidence?
  • Where else do you see this story?
  • Where else is language like this used?


  • Why does the information exist?
  • Why did this get published?
  • Why does the article use the images/language it does?
  • Why are people influenced by this?
  • Why is this relevant?

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