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Economics Research Guide

This guide provides a general introduction to the resources available to you for your research in economics.

Call Numbers for Economics

Search for books and ebooks in the library's collection. The advanced search allows you to search by multiple criteria and limit your search results. There is no limit on the number of books you can check out.

Books in Renne Library are shelved by Library of Congress call numbers.

Economic Theory call numbers start with HB

Methodology call numbers start with HB131-147

Economic History call numbers start with HC

Industries, Land Use, and Labor call numbers start with HD

Commerce call numbers start with HF

Finance call numbers start with HG

Money and Banking call numbers start with HG201-3550

Insurance call numbers start with HG8011-9999

Public Finance call numbers start with HJ

You can see a map of call number locations here.

Books and eBooks at Renne Library

To perform a basic Keyword Search in the library's catalog, think of words that are relevant to your topic and type them into the search box. A simple search could be:

economics AND (labor OR labour)

You have the option of searching the entire record (words or phrase), or you can choose to search just the author, title, or subject of an item.

Once you click the 'Search' button, a number of book titles should appear on the screen. You can then browse through those titles and click on the ones that appeal to you, which will take you to the record of that particular book. Inside the record, you can click on "Catalog Record" to view Subject Headings that you can click on to find related materials.

The advanced search allows you to search by multiple criteria and limit your search results.

Once you have found a book that might be useful to you, make note of the location of the book and the call number (this information is at the bottom of the record). To check out a book, take it to the Service Desk located just inside the main entrance of the Library. Undergraduate students can check out books for one semester, and there is no limit to the number of items you can check out.

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