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Citation Alerts

Scholarship is traced with citations. When new research is published based on prior work, it should cite the older material. Setting up Citation Alerts lets you track when a specific article or author is cited in newly published articles. Some publishers' sites offer citation alerts but they may be limited to citations from within their own publications. For broader citation coverage, use the Web of Science Core Collection and/or Google Scholar.


Types of Alert Services

Types of Alerts:

Subject Alerts find new articles that match your search terms

Table of Contents Alerts are automatic notifications when a new issue of a specific journal has been published. You receive the table of contents of new articles

Citation Alerts are notifications when someone cites a specific journal article. A Citation Alert can be set up for either an individual Author (or Authors) or a specific Journal article.


Google Scholar Alerts

Click the "Create Alert" link on the left to set up a Google Scholar alert. If you want to track multiple Scholar alerts, log in to your Google account.

Then enter your email address and click on "Create Alert" button.

You will need to confirm the alert request by clicking on a link in an email.

For a citation alert:

   1. Find the reference in Google Scholar
   2. Click on the "Cited by" link below the record
   3. Then click on the "Create Alert" link on the left.

Want citation alerts to all citations from a single author? That is only available for authors who have set up an author profile in Google Scholar. For those authors (author profile displayed at the top of results or an underlined author name in the results), look under the Follow this Author box on the left and click on the "Follow New Citations" link.