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Getting to Know R

Getting started with the R programming language

Getting Started with R

r studio logoWhat is R?  R is a programming language that is commonly used for statistical analisis.  RStudio, is the open-source software for R that is widely in MSU's Statistics courses. Here are some basics to help you understand more.

  • You need download and install both R and RStudio in order to use RStudio.
  • Both are free and open source.
  • Available for iMac, Windows, and Linux systems.
  • Allow you to produce expert quality graphs and charts.
  • Required for use in MSU's STAT216 & STAT217 courses.

Installing R

To use R, first know that it is a suite or package of software that interact together to provide you with the best experience in statistical coding.  You will need to install the package, which comes in 3 parts.  You will need to install all 3 in the order provided here.  Follow these step or check out the MSU Installing R tutorial.

Installing R

  • This is the background system.  Install and then forget about it.
  • Click here to install for all computer systems (iMac/Windows/etc).

Installing RStudio

  • Free for all users
  • R-Studio is the system that you will use for your course work.
  • Click here to install.  Install the RStudio desktop version

Installing a code package

  • Again, this is free!
  • A code package gives you the initial codes you will be using in class. 
  • The tidyverse R package has much of the code your Statistics courses will use.  Install this.
    • Open RStudio
    • At the command line, type:   install.packages("tidyverse")
    • Tap the "Enter" key.
    • R will connect to the internet, download the package, and show a message that states, "The downloaded binary packages are in". 

That's it!  You are now ready to go.