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Library Accessibility & Instruction Guide

A guide that compiles information about accessibility best practices for instruction, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), tutorials & resources, as well as accessibility of MSU library resources.

Inclusive Teaching Strategies for Online Intruction

Inclusive Teaching Practices:

*Not a complete list! 

  1. Make your materials accessible from the beginning
  2. Use questionnaires to check in with students
  3. Ask your students if they have internet access or access to technology
  4. Use agendas and outlines for instruction
  5. Keep clock in the room/visible  
  6. Provide simple instructions, outlined in steps, both verbally and in writing
  7. Let students choose the format they submit assignments in (e.g. written paper, recorded presentation, website. etc.)
  8. Share your gender pronouns
  9. Learn and use your students preferred names
  10. Involve learners in setting their own academic goals
  11. Allow learners to participate in the design of assignments & activities
  12. Facilitate self-reflection and self assessment

Additional Campus Resources

Accessible Teaching Strategies for Online Instruction

Presentation Outline: 

  1. Accessible Teaching Strategies: The Basics
  2. Strategies by the type of class assignments
    • Lectures
    • Discussions
    • Tests, Quizzes, Papers
    • Projects
    • Presentations
  3. Utilize Student Questionnaires, & Check in with students about
    • Accessibility Needs
    • Internet Access & Technology Needs
    • Basic Needs & Well Being