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Alerts for Citations and Research

How to get email alerts (current awareness) for new articles from journals, subject searches, & citation matches

How to Create a Search Alert

Run a search in a database using specific, unique search words, and then save the search. When new results show up that match the search, get an email alert.

Find the language used by each database in the list on the left or look below for EbscoHost, Web of Science Core Collection, and InfoTrac.


EbscoHost Alerts

For EbscoHost databases (Academic Search Complete, CINAHL, ERIC, Art Abstracts, among others):

Sign in and just click the "Create Alert" button.

Ebsco Alert


For Ebsco's own video tutorial, see this brief overview.

See also Ebsco's Search Alert Help page.




Web of Science Alerts

The Web of Science databases including Web of Science Core Collection, Medline, BIOSIS, and Zoological Record. Just set up an account, save searches, and then create alerts from the searches.

Here is the Web of Science 3 minute tutorial overview:

InfoTrac Alerts

InfoTrac PowerSearch databases do not require you to sign in. Just search, click the "Create Search Alert" button, enter your email address, and click the Submit button.

Where to Find Alerts

In each of these databases, look for the listed language to find where to set up alerts