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Dyslexia Learning Strategies

Quick tips for time management, studying, test taking, and tools you can use.

Diagnosing Dyslexia

"Diagnosing dyslexia is not something that can be done at home by simply looking up information on the internet. Dyslexia can only be confirmed after assessment and diagnosis by either a chartered or educational psychologist." (

Online tests for signs of Dyslexia

When determining if a formal assessment is needed by a certified professional, the following tools can be used as a self-screening option to determine if you might have signs of dyslexia (NOTE: these are not formal assessment tools, should not be used for medical advice, and are only intended for personal use). 

Professional Dyslexia Assessment & Diagnosis Options in Montana

What to expect in a Dyslexia evaluation

See the following page from the University of Michigan that has great information on what to expect. 

MSU Disability Documentation Guidelines

According to the MSU Office of Disabilities, Disability Documentation Guidelines:

  • A learning disabilities assessment which reflects the current impact of identified impairments on academic performance must be done by a licensed professional who is qualified to administer and interpret intelligence and achievement tests, and a diagnostic report based upon that assessment must be uploaded tothe students Accommodate profile by the student (student must use their NetId and password).
  • The report must be on letterhead. It must be typed, signed, dated and it must include the diagnostician's area of professional licensure/certification and license/certificate number. 

For more information see the following page: