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Organize your citations with this free bibliographic manager.

About Zotero

Photo by Karin DalzielWhat Zotero Does

Zotero is a free citation manager that you can use to collect, manage, and produce citations for research sources. Zotero allows you to attach PDFs, notes, and images to your sources, organize them into collections for different projects, and create bibliographies. It automatically updates itself periodically to work with new online sources and new bibliographic styles.

Zotero Quick Start Guide

See also this great guide published by the Zotero developers themselves.

Getting and Installing Zotero

Zotero runs on Windows, MacOS, and LInux.

To install, go to the Zotero site and choose the appropriate program. Click Download and follow the instructions.

If you have any problems, check the Zotero installation page.

You'll probably also want to download and install the Microsoft Word citation plugin (or the OpenOffice plugin if you're using OpenOffice). These allow you to easily cite items from your Zotero library in your papers.

Zotero Tutorials

Zotero has produced several great how-to videos on their site that demonstrate step by step how to use Zotero's features.

This is a quick overview of how to save citations from the web.

More Zotero Screencast Tutorials