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US 101: First Year Seminar

This guide will help you complete your research assignment for US 101.

How To Use this Guide

This guide is being updated for the Fall 2020 semester.


Tips on how to use this guide:

This guide is a quick reference guide for the research component of US 101. Each of the tabs along the left side of the page will give you more detailed information on the different parts of the research assignment.

  • Pre-Work:

Topic Exploration Video and Worksheet. Part 1 to be completed before your in-class library session, Part 2 to be completed in class, and Part 3 to be completed by xxx.

  • Finding & Evaluating Articles:

Use this to help you find scholarly articles for your annotated bibliography. Information on how to use CatSearch and also links to some of our most popular databases and how to use them. It will also help you evaluate sources. What makes a source valid and reliable? Check out our quick test to evaluate sources. How can you tell if an article is peer reviewed or not?

  • Annotated Bibliography:

Information on Annotated Bibliographies, what they are and links with information on how to create them.

  • Citing Sources with MLA Style:

List of some of them most commonly cited items in MLA style.

  • Librarians:

Look here to find the librarians assigned to US 101. Contact any of the librarians for help with research, the annotated bibliography, pecha kucha, citations or any other questions.

Research Project

Research Project


  • Strengthen your ability to find, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information
  • Develop expertise in a meaningful subject matter
  • Prepare and deliver an effective oral presentation


Throughout the semester, you have read and discussed texts that have presented complicated issues where right and wrong are not always easily defined. You have also initiated the discovery of information that examines the ethical and moral issues embedded in the work of the course.

This project offers an opportunity to translate those questions into personal, practical responses by asking you to develop an original research question about an issue of justice (or injustice) about which you are passionate.

In developing this research question, you will incorporate information found through a range of academic sources as you cultivate your own personal ideas about the issue. The project will culminate in a Pecha Kucha style presentation.

The full details of this assignment are on Page 20 of your US 101 course packet.