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Open Educational Resources (OER) at Montana State University

Information on Open Educational Resources (OER) and initiatives at MSU.

Getting Started with Advocacy

Just a few ideas to get started with open education.

  • Learn Your Options
    • Federal Law requires campuses to make available all affordable options for textbooks before a student chooses what courses they want to register for.
    • Before you purchased at textbook, did you check the library eBook collections to see if it's already there?
    • Find out what initiatives are happening on campus with student government or clubs that you can be a part of.
  • Capture student voices
  • Survey Students. TRAILS conducted a statewide survey of students. Get some community feedback from your campus alone.
  • Learn more about student rights and needs for course materials.

Examples of Student OER Advocacy in Action

The BCcampus Open Education Advocacy Guide for Student Leaders explains the benefits of OER and provides guidance on how students can help promote OER adoption.