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Digital Humanities

Resources for Digital Humanities

What are the Digital Humanities?

Each year since 2009, the sponsors of the annual Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities event have invited participants to respond to the question: “How do you define the digital humanities?"  (Includes hundreds of answers gathered since 2009). 

Scholarship in the "Digital Humanities" is necessarily collaborative and interdisciplinary.  It comprises a broad collection of scholarly activities that apply new technologies to humanities research while expanding traditional forms of scholarly communication.   Some of its many facets include:

  • The preservation and sharing of collections that are otherwise difficult to access (e.g., the creation of digital editions, archives, maps, visualizations and exhibitions, often through collaboration between faculty, students, librarians, technologists and others).
  • The fostering of new creative expression by using digital media (e.g., social media, human-computer interaction, and cultural informatics).
  • The use, analysis and/or creation of digital tools for research or in the classroom.