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HHD 512 - Research Methods in HHD

Group exercise

Health in the News: Digging into the literature exercise

In small groups, peruse your group’s article:

You don’t have to read in-depth to get the gist of the article! Look closely at these sections, especially, for ideas to report back to the class (not all articles will have all of these sections):

  • Abstract

  • Findings section

  • Discussion section

  • Implications section

  • Conclusion

  • Recommendations for further study/research


Reporting back to the class:

  •         Title of your article? Publication title?

  •       ​Main ideas and outcomes gleaned from reading key sections of the article?

  •       Validity of the article or study? Strengths and weaknesses?

  •       Why should we care? = Implications for practice?

    • What new insights have you gained that might contribute to your future as a practitioner in a health-related field?