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Hispanic Heritage Month

MSU Library Resources Selected for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month Resources Available in the MSU Library

All of the Items Listed in this Guide are located in Bobcat Browse-Featured [First Floor] or are Available Online. View the collection in CatSearch.

Encyclopedia of Latino popular culture. Candelaria, Cordelia. E184.S75E529 2004

Multiple origins, uncertain destinies : Hispanics and the American future. Mitchell, Faith, 1952-; Tienda, Marta. E184.S75M85 2006

The Norton anthology of Latino literature . Stavans, Ilan.; Acosta-Belén, Edna. PS508.H57N65 2011

Herencia : the anthology of Hispanic literature of the United States. Kanellos, Nicolás, editor.; Dworkin y Méndez, Kenya.; Balestra, Alejandra.  PS508.H57H48 2002

The Hispanic literary companion. Kanellos, Nicolás. PS508.H57H566 1997

Daughters of the fifth sun : a collection of Latina fiction and poetry. De Hoyos, Angela.; Milligan, Bryce, 1953-; Milligan, Mary Guerrero.  PS647.H58D38 1995

Apple pie & enchiladas : Latino newcomers in the rural Midwest. Burillo, Catalina.; Chapa, Jorge, 1953-; Millard, Ann V.  F358.2.S75L38 2004

A world not to come : a history of Latino writing and print culture. Coronado, Raúl, 1972-. PS153.H56C68 2013

Hispanics in the United States : an anthology of creative literature. Keller, Gary D.; Jiménez, Francisco, 1943-.  PS508.H57H57 1980

Latino literature in America. Kevane, Bridget A., 1963-. PS153.H56K48 2003

Hispanics in the American West. Iber, Jorge, 1961-, De León, Arnoldo, 1945-.  F596.3.S75I24 2006

The Hispanic 100 : a ranking of the Latino men and women who have most influenced American thought and culture.
Novas, Himilce.  E169.1.N77 1995

U.S. Latino literature : a critical guide for students and teachers. Augenbraum, Harold.; Fernández Olmos, Margarite.;  PS153.H56U7 2000

Color : Latino voices in the Pacific Northwest. West, Lorane A., 1960-.  F855.2.S75W47 2004

Latinos in a changing society. Meléndez, Edwin.; Montero-Sieburth, Martha. E184.S75L3688 2007

Heroes, lovers, and others : the story of Latinos in Hollywood. Rodriguez, Clara E., 1944-. PN1995.9.H47R63 2004

Recovering the U.S. Hispanic literary heritage . Gutiérrez, Ramón A., 1951-; Padilla, Genaro M., 1949-.  PS153.H56R43 1993

Hispanic-American writers. Bloom, Harold.  PS153.H56H56 1998

The Hispanic condition : reflections on culture and identity in America. Stavans, Ilan. E184.S75S75 1995

Strangers in our own land : religion in contemporary U.S. Latina/o literature . Avalos, Hector. PS153.H56A94 2005

Latino politics in America : community, culture, and interests. García, John A.  E184.S75G367 2003

Latino cultural citizenship : claiming identity, space, and rights. Benmayor, Rina.; Flores, William Vincent.  E184.S75L356 1997

The Latino/a condition : a critical reader . Delgado, Richard.; Stefancic, Jean. E184.S75L355 1998

Latino and Latina writers. West, Alan, 1953-. PS153.H56L39 2004

Hispanic Americans. McCaffrey, Paul, 1977-.  E184.S75H5653 2007

Hispanic/Latino identity : a philosophical perspective. Gracia, Jorge J. E. E184.S75G67 2000

Introduction to the U.S. Latina and Latino religious experience. Avalos, Hector. BR563.H57I57 2004

Latinos unidos : from cultural diversity to the politics of solidarity. Trueba, Enrique T., 1931-. E184.S75T78 1999

Latinos in the United States : the sacred and the political. Abalos, David T. E184.S75A63 2007

Loca motion : the travels of Chicana and Latina popular culture. Habell-Pallán, Michelle.

 PS153.H56H33 20

Latinos and American popular culture. Montilla, Patricia M., 1968-.

¡Muy Pop! : conversations on Latino popular culture. Stavans, Ilan., Aldama, Frederick Luis, 1969-,

Latino churches faith, family, and ethnicity in the second generation. Crane, Ken R., 1957-

Latino/a popular culture. Habell-Pallán, Michelle.; Romero, Mary.

Abstract Barrios: The Crises of Latinx Visibility in Cities. Johana Londono, Londono

Latino Stats: American Hispanics by the Numbers. Malavé, Idelisse ; Giordani, Esti

meXicana Fashions: Politics, Self-Adornment, and Identity Construction. Hurtado, Aída ; Cantú, Norma E

Mexican Americans and the Question of Race. Dowling, Julie A

The Taco Truck: How Mexican Street Food Is Transforming the American City. Lemon, Robert

North from Mexico : the Spanish-speaking people of the United States. McWilliams, Carey, 1905-1980, Meier, Matt S.; García, Alma M.

They should stay there : the story of Mexican migration and repatriation during the Great Depression. Alanís Enciso, Fernando Saúl, 

Learning to be Latino : how colleges shape identity politics. Reyes, Daisy Verduzco, 1983-.

Latino politics. García Bedolla, Lisa, 1969-

The Latino Generation Voices of the New America. García, Mario T.

La Florida: Five Hundred Years of Hispanic Presence. Díaz Balsera, Viviana ; May, Rachel A

Harvest of empire : a history of Latinos in America. González, Juan, 1947-

An African American and Latinx history of the United States. Ortiz, Paul, 1964-. E184.S75 O79 2018

Our America : a Hispanic history of the United States. Fernández-Armesto, Felipe. E184.S75F46 2014

Harvest of empire : a history of Latinos in America . González, Juan, 1947-.   E184.S75G655 2000

Encyclopedia Latina : history, culture, and society in the United States. Augenbraum, Harold.; Stavans, Ilan. Reference. E184.S75E587 2005

The Columbia history of Latinos in the United States since 1960. Gutiérrez, David (David Gregory).  E184.S75C644 2004

Strangers among us : Latino lives in a changing America. Suro, Roberto.  E184.S75S86 1998

Latino Americans in sports, film, music, and government : trailblazers. Mintzer, Richard Author

Collins Q & A : the ultimate question and answer book. Latino history and culture. Stavans, Ilan.  E184.S75S76 2007

Hispanics in the United States : a demographic, social, and economic history, 1980-2005. Bergad, Laird W., 1948-. Klein, Herbert S. E184.S75B47 201

Voices of the U.S. Latino experience. Acuña, Rodolfo, editor.; Compean, Guadalupe, editor.; Gale Group.

Literature as history : autobiography, testimonio, and the novel in the Chicano and Latino experience. García, Mario T. a

History of Latinos : exploring diverse roots. Mitchell, Pablo

Everything you need to know about Latino history. Novas, Himilce. E184.S75N69 1998

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