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Library Image and Infographic Descriptions

Graphic Description

  • Who
    • What population or group do you want to look at? Is there an age group to focus on?
    • Examples: College students, seniors, children, teens
  • What
    • What is the subject area or discipline? Does it meet your assignment requirements?
    • Examples: Terrorism, American Revolution, Agriculture
  • Where
    • What geographic location do you want to focus on? This can be a city, state, country, or other.
    • Examples: Chicago, Montana, Great Britain, North America
  • When
    • What time period are you wanting to cover with your research? Is it historical or current?
    • Examples: 2000 - present, 1776 -1780, Overview of 1800 - today
  • Why
    • Why is the topic important? To you? To your course of study? To society as a whole?
    • Examples: Personal experience, major theory, current event