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Reading List - 2022 Spring Awards of Excellence Winner Recommendations

Spring Convocation & MSU Award Winners

About the MSU Spring Awards of Excellence

Each year, Montana State University honors its dedicated advisers, teachers and researchers with annual awards for faculty and staff, recognizing achievements in faculty research, teaching, outreach and creative projects.

In recognition of their award and in gratitude for their work at MSU, the library asked award winners to recommend a book to encourage reading, exploration, creativity, and cross-disciplinary discovery. Recommendations were displayed in Bobcat Browse, a popular reading collection located in the library’s atrium, at the beginning of the spring semester.

Recommended books were given a book plate listing the award winner, their department, college, or office, award name, and year awarded. 

2022 Award Winners

MSU Library presents the Excellence in Open Education award to a faculty member who reduces barriers to education by using open information and resources in the classroom. Kyndra Campbell, head of the Writing and Developmental Humanities program at Gallatin College, has won this year’s Award. 

Campbell was ahead of the curve and embraced online learning well before COVID-19 shifted the education landscape. She moved some of her course sections online to accommodate changes in student learning and scheduling needs and along the way found that online delivery allowed students to share more in their writing than they do in person.  

In addition to offering online delivery, all of Campbell’s Gallatin College writing courses now use open educational resources, or OER. She has made a similar shift in some of the developmental writing courses at MSU, saving students nearly $6,000 in course material costs this semester. These changes are projected to save students $60,000 over a year’s time.  

“Kyndra is a strong candidate for this award because she has made the effort to share forward what she learns about online delivery to Gallatin College faculty,” said Sarah Maki, associate dean of Gallatin College. “She regularly conducts training for our faculty and I am certain she would do the same with what she has learned about OER.” 

MSU Library offers congratulations to Kyndra and to all the award winners. You can read more about each winner by visiting the Spring Awards of Excellence webpage.

Ryan Anderson, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Provost’s Award for Undergraduate Research/Creativity Mentoring

Jim Becker, Electrical and Computer Engineering
James and Mary Ross Provost’s Award for Excellence

Eric S. Boyd, Microbiology and Cell Biology
Cox Faculty Award for Creative Scholarship and Teaching

Virginia K. Bratton, Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship
President’s Award for Gender Equity

Galen Brokaw, Modern Languages and Literatures
President’s Excellence in Service Learning Award

Kyndra E. Campbell, Gallatin College
Excellence in Open Education Award

Connie Chang, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Vice President for Research’s Award for Meritorious Technology/Service

Kevin Cook, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Academic Advising Award

Jamie Cornish, Academic Technology and Outreach
Excellence in Outreach Award

Ann Ellsworth, Education
Women’s Faculty Caucus Distinguished Mentor Award

Christine Foreman, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Women in Science Distinguished Professor Award

Geraldine Govaerts, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Academic Advising Award

Yuka Hara, Modern Languages and Literatures
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Anna K. Fridley Distinguished Teaching Award

Rob Maher, Electrical and Computer Engineering
President’s Excellence in Teaching Award

Christa Merzdorf, Microbiology and Cell Biology
Excellence in Outreach Award

Patrick Miller, MilTech
Excellence in Innovative Service Award

Raina Plowright, Microbiology and Cell Biology
Charles and Nora Wiley Award for Meritorious Research

John W. Sheppard, Gianforte School of Computing
Provost’s Award for Graduate Research/Creativity Mentoring

Phil Stewart, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Fox Faculty Award for Accomplishments in Teaching, Research/Creative Activity

J. Mitchell Vaterlaus, Health and Human Development
Excellence in Online Teaching Award

Nicole Wanago, Health and Human Development
Provost's Award for Exemplary Service and Fidelity to the Public Land Grant Mission of Montana State University

Stephanie G. Wettstein, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Teaching Innovation Award

Bradley M. Whitaker, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Anna K. Fridley, Distinguished Teaching Award

Jan Zauha, Library
Betty Coffey Award

2022 Award Winner Book Recommendations

Reading Recommendations

The titles found below were recommended by 2022 Spring Awards of Excellence winners. 
They are available for checkout through MSU Library.

Recommended By Ryan Anderson
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Recommended by Jim Becker
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Recommended by Eric S. Boyd
Microbiology and Cell Biology

Recommended by Virginia K Bratton
Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Recommended by Galen Brokaw
Modern Languages and Literatures

Recommended by Kyndra E. Campbell
Gallatin College

Recommended by Kevin Cook
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Recommended by Jamie Cornish
Academic Technology and Outreach
Recommended by Geraldine Govaerts
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Recommended by Rob Maher
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Recommended by Patrick Miller
Recommended by Raina Plowright
Microbiology and Cell Biology
Recommended by Dr. John W. Sheppard, FIEEE
Gianforte School of Computing
Recommended by Phil Stewart
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Recommended by J. Mitchell Vaterlaus
Health and Human Development
Recommended by Nicole Wanago
Health and Human Development
Recommended by Dr. Stephanie G Wettstein
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Recommended by Bradley M. Whitaker
Electrical and Computer Engineering