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Tribal College Librarians Institute @ The MSU Library

The Tribal College Librarians Institute (TCLI) is an annual week-long program hosted by the Montana State University Library.  TCLI is designed to provide continuing education, professional development and networking opportunities for tribal college librarians and librarians who have mandates to serve tribal college students. TCLI was founded in 1989, when library faculty at Montana State University Library, responded to a request for a special workshop to address the professional needs of librarians at Montana’s seven tribal colleges. In 1992, as tribal college librarians in the region got word of this successful annual workshop, participation was increased to include North Dakota and South Dakota, and in 1993 to include the state of Washington. In 1994, TCLI received a grant from the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) to expand the program yet again to include librarians from all AIHEC affiliated libraries. As TCLI grew, so did inquiries about opening attendance up to a wider audience. After hearing interest and need expressed by librarians at non-U.S., non-AIHEC, and non-tribal libraries that serve indigenous college students, the coordinators opened TCLI to all librarians who have mandates to serve tribal college students. TCLI typically welcomes 35-60 participants from across the United States and Canada.  Maori librarians from Australia and New Zealand have also attended TCLI. TCLI has been funded by IMLS grants for the years 2010-2016.
As we update this new TCLI guide, you can still access the old TCLI website here:

Mary Anne Hansen, TCLI Lead Coordinator

Mary Anne Hansen's picture
Mary Anne Hansen
Renne Library, Rm 117D
Montana State University
PO Box 173320
Bozeman, MT 59717-3320
406.994.3162, voice
406.994.2851, fax

Gary McCone, TCLI Co-Coordinator

Alyssa Heller, TCLI 2017-2018 Research Fellow

TCLI 2017 Group Photo

TCLI 2016 Group Photo

TCLI 2015 Group Photo

TCLI 2014 Group photo