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How to find MSU faculty, professional, and administrator salaries

Public Info?

While state employee salaries are public information, not all are easily accessible. For the subset of MSU salaries which have been made available, this guide provides links.

Want more MSU Salary information? Contact the MSU Office of Planning & Analysis directly to request information about personnel not covered in these reports or for different dates.

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Faculty Salaries Elsewhere

MSU Salary Links

Since public employee salaries are public information, the MSU faculty salaries have been made available via multiple sources over the years. Prior to 2007, they typically appeared in the agenda items for the Board of Regents (BOR) meetings with the bulk of the salaries approved at the September meeting each year. Note: Some salaries beyond the Board of Regents links here and to the right are not included. We do not know why.

BOR: Admin, Coaches, Tenure

Other MT Salaries