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MSU Library Research & Instruction Guide

This guide will help you locate library research and instructional support resources that are available remotely from MSU Library.

Self-Guided Library Research Exercise: Topic Exploration and Basic Searching

Below are the instructions for your self-guided Library Research Module. The videos and tutorials are linked from the instructions, and will each open in a new tab for you to work through.  

  1. Watch Video: Topic exploration (5 minutes)
  2. Worksheet – complete part one (download below), (5 minutes)
  3. Go through Tutorial: Choosing Keywords (all tabs) (5 minutes)
  4. Worksheet – complete part two (10 minutes)
  5. Watch Video: What is peer review (3 minutes)
  6. Watch the following two videos about searching in library databases:
    1. CatSearch Basics (1 min). If needed, you can also watch this longer, more detailed CatSearch Video for more tips (7 minutes).
    2.  Finding Databases by Subject (less than 1 minute).
  7. Review: Infographic: Identify Bias in Information Sources (5 minutes)
    • Ask yourself these questions to help find good, credible, additional resources for your final project!
  8. Worksheet – complete part three (15 minutes)
  9. Turn in completed worksheet according to your professors instructions.

Download Topic Exploration Worksheet