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MSU Library Research & Instruction Guide

This guide will help you locate library research and instructional support resources that are available remotely from MSU Library.


CatSearch is a simple and fast search engine that helps you discover relevant information on any topic from the MSU Library's collections. It is the place to start your research in scholarly journal and newspaper articles, books, videos, maps, manuscript collections, music scores and more. From your search results, you can get the full text of articles or see if a book is on the shelf. CatSearch is still growing, features continue to improve, and more content is being added regularly.

Searching Databases

Academic Search Complete - Basic Search

‚ÄčProQuest Central

Web of Science - Title Search

Self-Guided Library Research Exercise: Topic Exploration and Basic Searching

Below are the instructions for your self-guided Library Research Module. The videos and tutorials are linked from the instructions, and will each open in a new tab for you to work through.  

  1. Watch Video: Topic exploration (5 minutes)
  2. Worksheet – complete part one (download below), (5 minutes)
  3. Go through Tutorial: Choosing Keywords (all tabs) (5 minutes)
  4. Worksheet – complete part two (10 minutes)
  5. Watch Video: What is peer review (3 minutes)
  6. Watch the following two videos about searching in library databases:
    1. CatSearch Basics (1 min). If needed, you can also watch this longer, more detailed CatSearch Video for more tips (7 minutes).
    2.  Finding Databases by Subject (less than 1 minute).
  7. Review: Infographic: Identify Bias in Information Sources (5 minutes)
    • Ask yourself these questions to help find good, credible, additional resources for your final project!
  8. Worksheet – complete part three (15 minutes)
  9. Turn in completed worksheet according to your professors instructions.

Download Topic Exploration Worksheet