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Bridging the Gap: Ensuring Digital Equity through WiFi Hotspot Lending

Information on the MSU Library's WiFi Hotspot Lending Program (funded in part by NNLM Technology Innovation Grant).

WiFi Hotspot Kit

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Wifi Hotspot Kit - What's in the box?



Wifi Hotspot

There will be either a Verizon or T-Mobile WiFi hotspot in the box. These work in the same way, but they look a little different.

Charger and Cord

There is a USB cord and power adapter to charge the hotspot.

Log In Information

Log in instructions with network name and password information will be attached to lid of container.

Contact Information

Information on important library contacts.

Helpful Information

Try these websites for basic troubleshooting tips!

Meghan Salsbury headshotMeghan Salsbury

Instructional Technology Librarian

" "Schedule an Appointment

Email Me

Mary Anne Hansen headshotMary Anne Hansen

Research Services Librarian

" "Schedule an Appointment

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Verizon Coverage Map

verizon coverage map of Montana

T-Mobile Coverage Map

T-Mobile coverage map of Montana

WiFi Hotspot Checkout Agreement

Use of a Montana State University (MSU) Library hotspot is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Checkout Agreement, and by checking out the hotspot, you agree to the following:

1. I understand that the hotspot can only be checked out by a current MSU student.

2. I understand that the hotspot can be checked out for up to ___ weeks. It must be returned to a staff member inside the MSU Library by the due date, with all included cables and in the original packaging, or a late fee of $5 per day will be charged to my account. The hotspot may NOT be returned to the outside book drop. If the hotspot has not been returned within 3 days of its due date, the service to it will be terminated and it will become unusable.

3. I understand that the MSU Library has no control over and cannot guarantee the availability of hotspot service or continuous service or speed of the connection.

4. If I do not return the hotspot to the MSU Library in good working condition, and free from damage, with all included parts and in the original packaging, I will be charged a $50 replacement fee.

5. I understand that equipment cannot be used in violation of the law, or of Montana State University policies.

6. I understand that open, unsecured wireless network “Hotspots” are freely and easily accessible and are unsecure. I understand that the Service Provider, MSU Library, and their officials and employees are not responsible for, and I will not hold them responsible for any files, data, confidential or personal information accessed, transmitted, lost or damaged as a result of using the hotspot.

By signing this form you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to abide by all user policies and are responsible for any replacement costs of the hotspots. All library materials have replacement costs for lost or damaged items, processing fees, as well as overdue fees.


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