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Sociology & Criminology Research Guide

Use this guide to find MSU Library resources and other web resources for criminology.

Tips for Identifying Academic Books

  • The author is an expert in their field. Check their credibility by looking for details about them via a Google Search, try and locate a CV, or ask your Professor if they're familiar with the author's work.
  • What institution(s) or organization(s) is the author affiliated with?
  • Have they authored other publications in their field?
  • Note the publisher of the book; often university press or professional organizations publish scholarly content. 
  • Are references or works clearly cited? Does the text contain footnotes?

Find Books in the Library's Catalog and Beyond

Hints for Locating Books

Looking for more books on criminology? Use the links below to discover how criminology books are arranged on the library's shelf and how to locate a book by it's call number.