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Women in the Archives Research Guide

Illustrations and Photographs

Many pieces of rich and beautiful art have been created by Western women, including women who worked or lived near Bozeman itself. The physical art collection in the archives is quite small, but it reflects some important female contributions to art over time. In the Hannon collection, you can find a variety of Native American photographs and designs. The Donaldson collection also reveals some beautiful watercolors and illustrations.

Olga Ross Hannon Photographs

This collection includes a number of photographs and 35 mm transparencies, primarily focused on the Blackfeet, Crow, Chippewa-Cree, and Northern Cheyenne people of Montana. These materials were either taken by Olga Ross Hannon or collected by her. Emphases of the collection include lodge designs and costuming.

Jessie Louise Donaldson - Anne Banks Papers

Within this large collection are a variety of watercolor illustrations and pencil drawings. Designs and drawings were done by Olga Ross Hannon, Paio-Taki (Flying Woman), and various other women and Native Americans.