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WRIT 101: Writing 101

This is your guide to doing better research in WRIT 101. Using it will help you become more "information literate" by knowing more about library resources, source evaluation, and citation mechanics.

What kind of source is this?

There are so many information sources out there! What kinds are best to use for your paper? Why? How do you recognize them? Check out the "Know Your Sources" infographic from  Portland Community College. Here's a preview of it...

Know Your Sources infographic from PCC

What's the difference between "scholarly" and "popular" sources?

Your professors will refer to "scholarly" or "academic" or "peer reviewed" sources. What are these and why should you care? How do they differ from popular magazines? Watch this 4 minute video, "Scholarly and Popular Articles," produced by librarians at Carnegie Vincent Library (at Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee) to find out about the differences.

Scholarly and Popular Sources video link

Are there other ways to make sure I'm using good sources?

The MSU Library offers a series of videos and quizzes on evaluating information. You can explore ideas like authority, peer review, and choosing the best Web sources by exploring our tutorials on these subjects. Test yourself to see how much you understand!