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Library Instruction & Information Literacy

Let the library help integrate critical thinking and information literacy into your curriculum!

Information Literacy Tutorials Available!


These information literacy tutorials, the Research Tutorials @ MSU Library, are available for use by any classes on campus interested in helping their students' information literacy. They can be used as a ready-to-use course or to supplement existing courses and instructions sessions. Modules, tutorials, and quizzes can be embedded into BrightSpace, and the quizzes can be autograded with grades getting imported into the BrightSpace grade book.

Featured Examples available within the Tutorial Module Sections below

Types of Tutorial Content

  • Video Tutorials: One click multimedia instructional material with audio
  • Interactive Tutorials: Interactive material often including an activity
  • Section Module: Student module that includes all multimedia for the section.
  • Quiz: Multiple choice questions to test understanding of module that can be automatically graded and incorporated into BrightSpace gradebook

Discussion Notes

Discussion Notes are available outline the learning objectives, related ACRL frameworks, discussion topics, and activities for each section.

Embed in BrightSpace

Contact us for help embedding these tutorials into your BrightSpace (D2L) course shell. Quizzes can be directly tied to the gradebook for automatic grading.