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Mendeley Basics: Edit your Library Access Link

Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research.

Library Access Link

This feature will link you directly to the full text copy of an article according to our institutional access rights.To get started, you’ll first need to tell Mendeley which institution your access comes through. Click the 'My Account' button in the upper right corner of Mendeley Web, and select Account Details, then the Sharing/Importing tab.

Step 1: Log into Mendeley Web and select 'Account Details'.



Step 2: Select 'Sharing Importing'.

Step 3: Select 'Add Library Manually' from near bottom of screen.

Step 4: Enter the following information and select 'Add Library Link'.

Name: Montana State University

Base URL

Now, when you visit an article page in the Mendeley research catalog, you’ll see the option to save the PDF to your library if we have institutional holdings of that item. 

In addition, the Mendeley research catalog is full of open-access articles that allow you to save the PDF of an article to your library as well. Just look for the open-access symbol.


Connecting Mendeley to the MSU Library

If an article does not have the option to 'Save PDF to library', click into the record.


Once the record opens, you should see the option to 'Find this paper at:'. Click that and choose 'Montana State University'.


You will be redirected to the MSU Library's website to see if we have holdings of the article.

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