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CatSearch (Private)

What is Primo?

Primo, referred to as CatSearch at MSU Bozeman, is the front-end user interface that patrons use to search for Library content.

Content in Primo is populated from these sources:

  • Alma: Library management tool that includes physical holding records and electronic database, journal, and eBook records
  • Primo Central: Digital repository of metadata that includes eBooks, articles, and full-text metadata
  • ScholarWorks: Records are pulled into Primo through DSpace
  • Library Guides: Records are pulled into Primo through DSpace

The Alma Uresolver is what identifies what the Library has access to. When you see 'Check MSU Library Availability', the Alma Uresolver is what checks Library holdings to see if the full-text is available.

How are search results ranked in CatSearch?


  • Greater weight is given if keywords are found in author, title or subject fields
  • Exact Title match is set to be weighted the most heavily
  • In a keyword search, a record is ranked higher if the term or phrase order is the same as in the record
  • Ranking also factors in how often the search terms occur in the record

Academic Significance

  • Published in a peer reviewed journal
  • Number of times cited
  • Material type (i.e. journal article vs. newspaper article)

Type of Search

  • If CatSearch interprets the keywords as a broad topic search, overview material will be higher in the results
  • If CatSearch interprets the keywords as a known-item search, author and exact title matches will be higher in the results

Publication Date

  • More recently published Primo Central materials show up higher in the results list 

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