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Geology Research Guide

USGS and MBMG publications in Renne Library

National Geologic Map Database

USGS Store

Use the Map Locator and Downloader to find, order, or download free topographic maps. This includes current  US Topo maps and the USGS Historical Topographic map collection.

Resources for identifying USGS titles

  • U.S.G.S. Publications Warehouse ( The Pubs Warehouse provides access to over 130,000 publications written by USGS scientists over the century-plus history of the bureau.


Where do I find U.S.G.S Thematic Maps? The map vertical files on 4th floor.

Antarctic Geologic Maps (A) 1970- I 19.25/8: (map vertical files)

Coal Investigation Maps (C) 1935- I 19.85:C-  (map vertical files)

Circum-Pacific Maps (CP) I19.91/2: (map vertical files)

Geophysical Investigation Maps (GP) 1946- I 19.87:GP- (map vertical files)

Geologic Quadrangle Maps (GQ) 1949- I 19.88:GQ- (map vertical files)

Hydrologic Investigation Atlases (HA) 1954- I 19.89: (map vertical files)

Land Use and Land Cover Maps (L) 1979- I 19.112:L- (map vertical files)

Miscellaneous Field Studies Maps (MF) 1951- I 19.113: MF- (map vertical files)

Miscellaneous Geologic Investigation Maps (I) 1955- I 19.91:I- (map vertical files)

Monographs (Mono) 1928- I 19.2: (general/miscellaneous documents) (Documents)

Mineral Investigations Resource Maps (MR) 1952- I 19.90:MR- (map vertical files)

Oil and Gas Investigations Charts (OC) 1944- I 19.92:OC- (map vertical files)

Oil and Gas Investigations Maps (OM) 1943- I 19.93:OM- (map vertical files)

State Hydrologic Unit Maps 1974- (map vertical files)

Where do I find Other U.S.G.S. Publications?

Bulletins I 19.3: (Documents)

Professional Papers I 19.16: (Documents)

Water-Resources Investigation Reports I 19.42/4: (Documents)

Water Supply Papers I 19.13: (Documents)

Open File Reports I 19.76: (Documents, paper, fiche and electronic)