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Finding Fiction

Want to find books to enjoy outside of classes, work, or research projects?

Searching the Library Catalog for the Most Recent Fiction

Any search in the library catalog will bring up the most recently purchased or added books first, but these are not always the most recently published.  So if you are simply interested in the most recently published fiction added to our collection:

  • go to Advanced Search in the library catalog,
  • type the following string into the Subject box:

(fiction or stories or tales) not (history or authorship or criticism)

  • type 2010 into the Publication Year box (or a date range like 2009-2010)

To find out what fiction has been published recently (regardless of whether or not the library owns a copy), see the other subheadings on this page, Bestsellers & Book Awards, and Book Reviews.

Reading Advice Tools

Sometimes you just don't know what to read next, no matter what genre or topic or author you've read in the past.  Luckily there are some library tools and Internet resources that can help you out!