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Virtual Library Orientation

Welcome new students! Here is an overview of MSU Library - your resource for all of your information needs.

Sweet Tunes and Root Beer Floats

" "For over a decade, MSU Library has been serving root beer floats during new student orientation. This is a chance to meet library staff in a casual environment and to enjoy a cool treat with your classmates. 

In recent years, KGLT, MSU's campus radio station, has joined us in the festivities by bringing a live DJ to spin tunes. Together, we bring you Sweet Tunes and Root Beer Floats.


How To Make a Root Beer Float

library staff serving root beer floats in the library foyerMake one at home!

You’ll Need…

  • Ice cream – we prefer vanilla​
  • Root beer
  • Tall float glass (9-ounce plastic cups work as well)
  • Optional garnishes - whipped cream, cherries, sprinkles

Hint – For an extra cool treat, chill your glasses in the freezer before preparing.

How to...

  • Pour root beer in the glass first. If you put the ice cream in first, the root beer will fizz over the top and you’ll have mess.
  • To reduce foam, make sure to pour the root beer slowly and hold the glass and the bottle at an angle.
  • Fill the glass about half-way with root beer.
  • Add a scoop of ice cream.
  • Top with garnishes if desired.
  • Enjoy!

Meet KGLT, Your Campus Radio Station

KGLT Radio logoContribute to the soundtrack of campus life.
Share your favorite music with the campus and local communities.
How? By becoming a volunteer DJ at KGLT. 

KGLT is Montana State University’s campus radio station. Volunteer DJs, both MSU students and community members, host live music programs. The station keeps the spirit of alternative public radio alive, giving DJs the freedom to play the music that moves them the most. Alternative rock, bluegrass, country, ska, classical, and more all have a home on KGLT.

KGLT also airs a limited number of syndicated programs such as This American Life and Mountain Stage, and is proud to be the home of Chrysti the Wordsmith, a two-minuted radio program about origins and meanings of words and phrases. 

Three times a year KGLT runs an Apprentice Class*. Open to students and members of the community, the class runs an hour a week for nine weeks and provides the tools to become a KGLT DJ. Apprentices are required to attend all classes and must apprentice with on the air with a DJ. Find out more about becoming a DJ and how to apply for the apprentice class.

*Currently, the KGLT Apprentice Class is postponed due to the pandemic. If you are interested in the class call the KGLT General Manager at 406.994.6484 to get on a waiting list.

KGLT DJ with equipment set up on 1st floor of MSU Library