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MSU Library Research Guide

This guide will help MSU students get started with research using the MSU Library resources.

Suggested Tutorials

Finding Databases by Subject

  1. Go to the library homepage and click:
  2. Find
    screenshot of library homepage
  3. Articles & Research Databases
    screenshot of next step
  4. By Subject
    screenshot of by subject
  5. Choose your subject(s) to find databases in that subject area

The steps outlined in the video below are included in the above text as well, in place of a transcript, because there are no spoken words in the video.

Searching Databases

How do I use the keywords I come up with in the databases?

Keywords can be combined in different combinations within the database to form "search strings" using connecting words like "AND", "OR", and "NOT". Different keyword combinations will work better depending on the database, so having a list will help you from getting stuck.

  • Using "AND" will narrow your search by only giving you results that include all the words in your search string.
  • Using "OR" will broaden your search by giving you search results each search term and the shared results.
  • Using "NOT" will eliminate concepts for you search results.

TIP: Use "AND" to connect different concepts from your research question and "OR" to connect keywords for the same concept.

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Top Databases