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Logging into Library Resources

How do I log into subscription library resources, such as databases for finding articles or ejournals?

Go straight to the resource(s) you'd like to access/search; when you click on a resource that's remotely-accessible, an authentication page will open where you can enter your MSU username and password, essentially the same login info that you use for Desire2Learn (Banner, NetID or first.last; plus password).  This is what that login page looks like:

NOTE:  you don't go to the Proxy Login page first; rather, go straight to whatever subscription resource you need to search/access, and upon clicking to get into that resource, the above login page will appear.

What if my username and password don't work to get me into library resources?  Contact your Distance Ed Library Liaison <>  or another librarian.  OR, you might choose to set up a separate Library Password <> if you cannot wait to hear back from a librarian before starting your research. 

Find articles on your topic:

Where do I look for articles on my research topic(s)? 

Go to the Articles & Research Databases page and either begin with a multi-disciplinary database, or search one or more databases under your SUBJECT discipline, linked at the bottom of this page. 

Note that each subject group links you to your library liaison.


Get to specific library databases through our list of LIBRARY RESEARCH GUIDES:

Get the full text of articles

The full text of many articles is available through our databases.  If it is not, here are your other options for getting the full text.

Use the  link within a database.  If the article is in a journal to which we subscribe, you will either get linked right to that article (electronic access) or be linked into the library catalog to get a call number so you can find the journal in the library (print access).  If we don't subscribe to the journal, you will find a link to get in to interlibrary loan - make a request and we will get a copy from another library for you.

If you have a citation for which you are trying to find full text, use the JournaList to look for the journal by title.  The JournaList is a list of all our periodicals holdings, both electronic and print.  If we subscribe, the JournaList is a quick way to find that out.  Again, if we do have he journal, you will be linked to electronic access or to the catalog to get a call number.  The JournaList can be found on the library's home page.

If the library does not subscribe to a journal, you can request your article through interlibrary loan and we will get a copy for you from another library.  You log in to ILLiad using the same username and password you use for D2L (Banner number or Net/ID and associated password).  Again, you can get  to interlibrary loan from the library's home page.

How do I get books or copies of articles?

FOR MORE INFO on REQUESTING ITEMS via INTERLIBRARY LOAN, click on the REQUEST IT! (Interlibrary Loan) tab above!

Need a book from either our collection or one that we don't own?  Just fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request!  *Hint: in the NOTES field of the ILL request form, please note "Distance Student" to help speed up your request. 

Your book(s) will be mailed to you at our expense, though you'll be responsible for mailing them back to us.  If you borrow our books, the checkout period is three weeks for UGs, one semester for Grad students and one year for faculty; if you borrow books from other libraries through our ILL request service, the lending library will specify the due date and that due date will be indicated on the yellow slip inserted into the window of the blue bookstrap.

Questions about book renewals?  You can Ask A Librarian any questions about accessing or renewing materials, or how/where to do research on a specific topic.  Or, feel free to contact the Library Distance Ed Coordinator, Mary Anne Hansen.

Need an article from a journal that we don't own?  Simply place an Interlibrary Loan request and we'll get you a copy of that article at no charge from another library; typcially we'll get them to you in PDF format.  You'll be notified via email once that article is ready for you to retrieve from your Interlibrary Loan account, plus a link will be provided directing you to the ILL login page.  NOTE:  when searching article databases, once you click on CHECK MSU Availability, the Interlibrary Loan login link will appear if there's NO PRINT OR ONLINE COPY FOUND, i.e, if we don't own that journal.  Just login and submit your request!

Need a magazine or journal article that we only have in print?  Just request it using Document Delivery and our staff will scan and deliver to you as a pdf; you'll get an email notification with a link to retrieve it! 

FINAL NOTE ABOUT GETTING LIBRARY MATERIALS DELIVERED TO YOU:  you'll receive notification of articles posted to your Interlibrary Loan account at your email address of record.  Please confirm in your MYINFO account that your PREFERRED email address is the one you're currently using because that is the account to which ILL notifications will be sent.

Who can help me with my research topic?

You can ask any librarian for assistance with any question, but there are also library liaisons to all departments and units across campus.  Check out this link to see who is your very own librarian, and then contact him or her today! 

Library Liaisons by Department:

Theses and Dissertations from MSU and beyond

Citing Sources

Guides for citing sources: APA Guide, MLA Guide

Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue, extensive citation resource:

Magazines vs. Journals?

Journal cover   Scholarly Journals

  • Authors are experts/authorities in their fields.
  • Authors cite their sources in endnotes, footnotes, or bibliographies.
  • Individual issues have little or no advertising.
  • Articles must go through a peer-review process (experts in the discipline evaluate each author's work before any articles are published).
  • Articles are usually reports on scholarly research.
  • Illustrations usually take the form of charts and graphs.
  • Articles use jargon of the discipline.
  • Articles are typically five or more pages in length.

Time Magazine   Popular Magazines

  • Authors are magazine staff members/regular columnists or free lance writers.
  • Authors often mention sources, but rarely formally cite them in bibliographies.
  • Individual issues contain numerous advertisements.
  • There is no peer review process.
  • Articles are meant to inform and entertain (thus they are also thought of as consumer publications because they are published for a wide audience).
  • Illustrations are numerous and colorful.
  • Language is geared to the general adult audience (no specialized knowledge of jargon needed).
  • Articles are typically fairly short (one or two columns to one or a few pages).

Library Liaison

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Mary Anne Hansen
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406.994.3162, voice
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