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Gender and Academia Titles -- Non-Fiction

This list highlights some titles which address issues of gender and academia.  The descriptions for these titles come from various commentary and reviews found on

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The Balancing act : gendered perspectives in faculty roles and work lives - Bracken, Susan J.
Call Number: LB2332.32.B35 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 9781579221485
This book challenges assumptions about how men and women manage the boundaries between their personal and professional lives and suggests new ways to creatively and collaboratively combine productive work lives and satisfying personal lives. It shows how women have agency in structuring their careers and describes a multiplicity of solutions that they and institutions can adopt to create new couple- and family-friendly structures and practices that will encourage women to stay in the pipeline.

Cover Art
Career strategies for women in academe : arming Athena - Collins, Lynn H., Chrisler, Joan C., Quina, Kathryn
Call Number: LB2332.3.C38 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 0761909893
This book considers the current status of women in higher education; examines women's roles in academe; and provides insights and advice on breaking the `glass ceiling'.

Cover Art
Challenges and negotiations for women in higher education - Cotterill, Pamela, Jackson, Sue and Letherby, Gayle
Call Number: available online at the link above
ISBN: 9048175399
A valuable resource to anyone interested in gender, research, process and practice in lifelong learning and higher education.

Cover Art
Motherhood, the elephant in the laboratory : women scientists speak out - Monosson, Emily
Call Number: HQ759.48.M68 2008 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 9780801446641
The personal stories that comprise Motherhood, the Elephant in the Laboratory not only show the many ways in which women can successfully combine motherhood and a career in science but also address and redefine what it means to be a successful scientist. These valuable narratives encourage institutions of higher education and scientific research to accommodate the needs of scientists who decide to have children.

Cover Art
A Narrative Compass: Stories That Guide Women's Lives - Hearne, Betsy Gould
Call Number: PS147.N37 2009 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 9780252034077
In this extraordinary collection, women scholars from a variety of disciplines identify and examine the stories that have inspired them, haunted them, and shaped their research.

Cover Art
Tenure in the sacred grove : issues and strategies for women and minority faculty - Cooper, Joanne E.
Call Number: LB2335.7.T46 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 0791453014
Designed to help women and minority faculty navigate a path to tenure in academe, this book looks at the political, scholarly, personal and interpersonal issues. Filled with the experiences and advice of those who have navigated this terrain successfully, despite obstacles and setbacks, it includes considerations for women, faculty of color, and gay/lesbian/bisexual faculty, addressing racism, sexism and ageism in the academy.

Cover Art
Unfinished agendas : new and continuing gender challenges in higher education - Glazer-Raymo, Judith
Call Number: LC1568.U54 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 9780801888625
A book that any scholar, leader, student, and staff member in higher education should read. Not only does the book provide valuable insight into the position of women... it also provides practical recommendations of ways to alter policies, discourses, practices, and cultures to move higher education in a more pluralistic direction

Cover Art
The 'Woman question' and higher education : perspectives on gender and knowledge production in America - May, Ann Mari
Call Number: LC1756.W653 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 9781847204011
This book addresses one of the most compelling topics of our time and speaks to our need to understand the long struggle of women to gain an authoritative voice in higher education and the factors that underlie that struggle. Scholars and researchers of women's studies, higher education, and a range of humanities and social sciences will find this book a welcome addition to the literature.

Cover Art
Women at the top: powerful leaders tell us how to combine work and family - Halpern, Diane F.
Call Number: HD4904.25.H354 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 9781405171052
How are women to succeed in their profession when they are also wives, mothers, and family care givers? Using psychological research and personal interviews with 60 women with families and prominent leadership positions in the U. S., China, and Hong Kong, Women at the Top examines the question —can women have it all?

Cover Art
Women in academic leadership : professional strategies, personal choices - Dean, Diane R.
Call Number: LC212.862.W66 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 1579221890
For those who seek to create an institutional environment conducive to equity and opportunity, this book offers insight into the pervasive barriers facing women of all colors and evidence of the need for a more complex, multi-dimensional view of leadership. For women in academe who seek to reach their professional potential and maintain authenticity, it offers encouragement and a myriad of strategies for their growth and development.

Cover Art
Women in engineering, science, and technology: education and career challenges - Cater-Steel, Aileen
Call Number: available online at the link above
ISBN: 9781615206582
Provides a collection of recent high-quality empirical studies related to the education and careers of women in engineering, science and technology disciplines, with cases on innovative approaches to attracting and supporting women in training courses, and discussions on the effectiveness of mentoring, role models, government policy, and initiatives by professional bodies

Cover Art
The Women's Warrier Society - Beardslee, Lois
Call Number: PS508.I5W66 2008 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 9780816526710
The women warriors in these tales have lived through a variety of mishaps, experiencing the consequences brought on by misinformation and the misguided efforts of institutions and individuals. Armed with this experience, they gather in unlikely sweatlodges from kitchen tables to public libraries transforming into she-wolves who, lips curled, snarl at their own victimization and assert that hope for future generations is maintained through creativity, determination, and the preservation of traditional values.


Gender and Academia Titles -- Fiction

Cover Art
Death of a Department Chair - Miller, Lynn C.
ISBN: 0299219747
Austin University literature professor Miriam Held is the chief suspect in the murder of her department chair, Isabel Vittorio. Miriam and Isabel were lovers years ago, and Isabel recently beat out Miriam for the department-chair position after a bitter battle. They were also at odds over a new minority hire, and Miriam saw Isabel on the afternoon of her death...

Cover Art
Death Without Tenure - Dobson, Joanne
ISBN: 159058709X
Professor Karen Pelletier is preparing to fulfill her dream of a tenured position in the English department of Enfield College, a prestigious New England institution. As she assembles her dossier, she learns that her rival for the chair, Native American professor Joseph Lone Wolf, has died of a peyote overdose.

Cover Art
Possession - Byatt, A.S.
ISBN: 0679735909
Two contemporary scholars, each studying one of two Victorian poets, reconstruct their subjects' secret extramarital affair through poems, journal entries, letters and modern scholarly analysis of the period. PW called this Booker Prize winner "an ambitious and wholly satisfying work, a nearly perfect novel."

Cover Art
Gaudy Night - Sayers, Dorothy L.
Call Number: PR6037.A95G38 1995 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 0061043494
This classic 1936 detective novel paints a picture of the author's own Oxford college (Somerville). "Here, although there is vanity, greed, hypocrisy, and even murder in the female community of the college, the female dons are absorbed by their work and still alive to more worldly pleasures, including gossip, fashion, food, and drink." (Elaine Showalter, Faculty Towers)

Cover Art
Murdering Americans - Edwards, Ruth Dudley
ISBN: 1590584821
The outrageous Baroness "Jack" Troutbeck—Mistress of St. Martha's College, Cambridge, and member of the House of Lords—experiences culture shock as a distinguished visiting professor at Freeman State University in New Paddington, Ind. With Horace, her loquacious parrot, perched on her shoulder, the conservative academic arrives in the Midwest to find a campus where political correctness has taken over, threatening to destroy Western Civilization as she knows it. Jack has her suspicions about the previous provost's death.

Cover Art
A Short History of Women: A Novel - Walbert, Kate
ISBN: 9781416594987
A beautiful and kaleidoscopic view of the 20th century through the eyes of several generations of women in the Townsend family, this novel takes in historical events from the social upheaval of pre-WWI Britain to VJ day in New York City, a feminist conscious-raising in the '70s, and the Internet age. The story begins with Dorothy Townsend, a turn-of-the-century British suffragist who dies in a hunger strike. The lives of the Townsend women reveal that although oppression of women has grown more subtle, Dorothy's self-sacrifice reverberates through generations.

Cover Art
Tam Lin - Dean, Pamela
ISBN: 014240652X
In the early '70s, scholarly Janet Carter enters Blackstock College as an English major. She and roommates Christina and Molly fall in with an attractive, often eccentric group of classics students who circle around Professor Medeous, a spectacular, enigmatic redheaded woman. The medieval Scottish ballad of a young woman who rescues her love from the queen of faerie undergoes a radical but convincing transformation as fantasy author Dean ( The Secret Country ) updates the story to modern times and relocates it to a Minnesota college campus.

Cover Art
Tolstoy Lied: A Love Story - Kadish, Rachel
ISBN: 061891983X
A young New York professional woman -- in this case, a 33-year-old college teacher named Tracy Farber -- works in a highly competitive, dog-eat-dog environment (the typical English department of academic fiction). Tracy is coming up for a crucial job review and her big chance for advancement (tenure). However, an important colleague (an older female colleague) has taken a dislike to our hard-working protagonist, and the two start to clash repeatedly...

Cover Art
The Writing Class - Willett, Jincy
Call Number: PS3573.I4455W75 2008 -- 2nd Floor
ISBN: 9780312330668
Can a class of wannabe novelists solve a murder in their midst? That's the premise of this dark comedy of the absurd from Willett (Winner of the National Book Award), a boisterous satire of pseudointellectuals, impotent writers and the adult extension programs of public universities. The only things Amy Gallup, a once-noted California author, has published in years are blurbs of other writers' work. Amy's only income comes from teaching fiction writing to a motley collection of varyingly talented "prepublished" adults.


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