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Resources for dietetics research.

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Setting up your MSU Password

Go HERE to set up your MSU password so that you can log into MSU Library Databases from off campus!

Citation Analysis

Want to explore the impact of an author, article or journal?  Explore the resources on this guide:

How to search and read the literature

Here are some articles that provide helpful direction for both conducting your literature reviews and for deciphering the components and content of the clinical literature:

Tech Checkouts at the MSU Library

Resources for conducting a literature review/finding articles, etc.

Where to start your research?  You might start with Web of Science, below, since it's a very large, interdisciplinary database that includes the MEDLINE database (i.e, much of the PubMed content).  However, you may need to search your topic across several databases depending on the interdisciplinary nature of your topic.  Or try CINAHL as it indexes many of the key nutrition and dietetics journals. OR start with PubMed and if you're not linked right to full text of an article, search the library's Journals By Title database to see if we subscribe to a particular journal from which you need an article.

Grants Resources

Looking for grants to fund your work?  Explore the resources on the Grants guide and/or ask me to assist you with your search!

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Your Regional Medical Library

The MSU Library will always be available to you for research assistance once you're no longer connected to MSU ( visit our ASK a Librarian Link!); additionally, you'll also always have access to research assistance from your Regional Medical Library, part of the National Library of Medicine's National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Follow this link for access to your RML:

OR feel free to contact me directly!  I'm happy to field research questions from you long after you've left MSU! 

Help citing your sources

Scholarworks: publications by MSU faculty & students