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CAA 310: The Art of Mental Healing

APA Basics


Some Key APA style points

APA Style uses

  1. Initials for authors' first and middle names rather than full names
  2. Sentence case in article and books titles
  3. Journal volume numbers are italicized (which is hard to see)
  4. DOIs in place of URLs when available, (see the recent discussion on how to use DOIs on the APA Style Blog)


Sample Citations

Book (Limited-circulation book or monograph, from electronic database)

Thomas, N. (Ed.). (2002). Perspectives on the community college: A journey of discovery [Monograph]. Retrieved


Journal Article

Podsakoff, N. P., Whiting, S. W., Podsakoff, P. M., & Mishra, P. (2011). Effects of organizational citizenship behaviors

on selection decisions in employment interviews. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96, 310–326.



Try citing this journal article in APA style. Open up Microsoft Word and see how you would try this.

Clinical Holistic Medicine: The Case Story of Anna. I. Long-Term Effect of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest with a Treatment Approach. By Søren Ventegodt, Birgitte Clausen, and Joav Merrick.


Citation Tools: Helping You Manage Citations and Papers