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Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool for building, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

Static Content

These questions do not require any action from the respondent. Information in these questions is merely displayed to respondents.

Descriptive Text

  • Descriptive Text questions can be used to add an introduction or instructions to your survey, or wherever you need to display content to the respondent, without asking for feedback.


  • Graphic questions can be used to display an image to your respondents without asking for feedback.

Standard Questions

These question types are some of the most commonly used. They are a simple and effective means of gathering information.

Multiple Choice

  • Multiple Choice questions form the basis of most research. They can be displayed as a traditional list of choices or as a dropdown menu, select box, etc.

Text Entry

  • Text Entry is used to gather open-ended feedback from respondents. These responses can be lengthy essays, standard form information such as name and email address, or anything in between.

Rank Order

  • Rank Order is used to determine each respondent’s order of preference for a list of items.

Matrix Table

  • Matrix Table is used to collect multiple pieces of information in one question. This type provides an effective way to condense your survey or to group similar items into one question.


  • Sliders let respondents indicate their level of preference with a draggable bar rather than a traditional button or checkbox.

Side by Side

  • Side by Side questions let you ask multiple questions in one condensed table and provides an effective way of shortening your survey while gathering the same amount of data.

Specialty Questions

These questions are used in more specific situations and gather more targeted data.

Constant Sum

  • Constant Sum collects numeric data and displays a sum to the respondent. This type is often used for allocation assessments, such as defining how you spend your time in different activities.

Hot Spot 

  • Hot Spot allows respondents to interact with regions of an image. This type is often used in usability testing and concept testing.

Graphic Slider

  • This variation of the Slider question has respondents use various graphic options, such as changing a frown to a smile or choosing a grade, to indicate their level of preference.

Drill Down

  • Drill Down helps respondents choose from a long list by starting with a broad category and then honing in on the choices that are relevant to the respondent.

Pick Group and Rank

  • Pick Group and Rank is used for sorting activities. Respondents place items into groups and have the option to rank the items within the group.

Heat Map

  • Heat Map lets respondents click a specific point on an image. In your data, you can see a heat map that shows which parts of the image were most often clicked. This type is often used for web development (e.g., eye flow analysis) and advertisement testing.