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Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool for building, distributing, and analyzing surveys.


When you have the building blocks in place for your survey, you will want to format and personalize the appearance. This is what the Look and Feel is for. You can access the Look and Feel through the icon located on the far left-hand side of the navigation bar in the Edit Survey tab:

To Select a Skin:

  1. Click on the drop-down menu above the thumbnail and select the Qualtrics brand library or your own organization’s library of skins.
  2. Click the thumbnail itself to see the available skins within your chosen library.
  3. Click on the skin of your choice.

(Adapted from The Complete Research Suite)

General Tab

Some of the most common settings people want to change on their surveys are: 

Next/Back Button: Change the text that appears on the button. Click the blue arrow to select a message or create a new one.

Progress Bar Want to display a progress bar in the survey? There are several options:

  • None: The default. No progress bar will display.
  • With Text: Displays a bar with “0%” and “100%” on either side.
  • Without Text: Displays a bar without “0%”, “100%”, or any other text.
  • With Verbose Text: In order to better explain to survey takers what they are looking at, this displays “Survey Completion” above the progress bar, along with “0%” and “100%” on either side.

Highlight Questions: If selected, the question is highlighted when a survey taker clicks anywhere within the question. This can improve the respondent’s experience by accentuating the question that is currently being answered.

Question Separator: Displays a line or extra space between questions (depending on the template selected).

(Adapted from The Complete Research Suite)

Fonts Tab

Here you can change the font styles and font sizes in your survey. You can select to change the font for the entire survey or specify the font styles for the Question and Choice text individually.

Entire Survey: At the top, select the font drop-down and select a font style. Then click on the Font size drop-down to choose a font size.

Change Question Type: Change the font, font size, and basic formatting (bold, underline, italic) for question text across entire survey by checking this option.

Change Choice Text: Change the font, font size, and basic formatting (bold, underline, italic) for choice text across entire survey by checking this option.

(Adapted from The Complete Research Suite)

Colors Tab

The Colors tab allows you to change the colors of the different elements in your survey. This is where you can really alter the look of your survey. To edit you survey colors:

  1. Click the color square or text of an element to change that color. The default skin colors are shown.
  2. A color spectrum and color hex code box will appear. You can choose the color you would like to use for the element you want to alter. The vertical slider on the right can be used to alter the color palette. If you know the HTML color code you want, you can enter that into the text field at the bottom (#XXXXXX).

To remove edited colors:

  • After altering a color, click the white “x” to return to the default.
  • Remove all color edits by clicking the Reset Colors button.

(Adapted from The Complete Research Suite)

Advanced Tab

In the Advanced Tab you can insert and edit your survey’s header and footer or further alter the look of your survey using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Edit: Click the edit button under the header or footer to open the Rich Text Editor. In the Rich Text Editor you can insert an image or text.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets are a common way to edit the look and feel of websites. These are advanced editing options. Go to and search “Example Stylesheet” for a CSS example.

  • Add Custom CSS: If you’re familiar with CSS, feel free to click this button to access the CSS editor. You can use this feature to further change the look and feel of your survey template.
  • External CSS: If you have a file hosted online you would like to reference, place the URL to the file here.

After changing the Look and Feel options, save your changes by clicking on the Save option in the bottom right-hand corner, and you will return to the main Edit Survey section.

(Adapted from The Complete Research Suite)