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Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool for building, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

Task Icons

The tasks below are listed on the right hand side of every survey you create. Use these icons to quickly access the main areas of the Qualtrics survey tool.

Edit: Jumps to the Edit Survey tab of the specific survey selected.

Results: Jumps to the View Results tab of the specific survey selected. 

Send: Jumps to the Distribute Survey tab of the specific survey selected.

View: Functions the same as the Preview Survey link found on the Edit Survey and Distribute Survey tabs.

Collaborate: Enables you to give permissions to and share a survey with another Qualtrics user so they can view, edit, distribute, and analyze data in your survey. If there isn’t an existing user account for the person you want to collaborate with, then the tool will send an email and create a trial user account for them. You can read more about collaboration later on in the chapter.

Edit: Enables you to copy a survey, and even send the copy to another user account. When a copy is made, it becomes a completely separate survey with its own survey link. Survey data is not copied along with the survey.

Translate: Jumps to the Translate Survey feature in the Edit Survey tab.

Delete: Displays a dialog box to confirm deletion. All data is deleted with the survey so make sure you really want to do this. First, download a copy of your data and a copy of your survey. Qualtrics Survey Format, or .qsf, is the provided format when downloading your survey. A survey stored in .qsf format can be uploaded and reinstalled into Qualtrics. A .qsf, however, can only be read by Qualtrics.

(Adapted from The Complete Research Suite)

Editing Basics

Editing Basics

To select a survey to edit, click on the Survey Name on the "My Surveys" page, click on the "Edit" icon in the tasks column next to the Survey Name, or click on the "Edit Survey" tab.

Edit Icon:

"Edit Survey" Tab:

Adding Questions

Adding Question:

1. Open up your survey and select 'Create New Question' from the 'Default Question Block':

create a new item

Questions are numbered in the ordered they are created, not the order they appear in the survey. Renumber your questions at any time using the Auto-Number Questions feature.

2. A multiple choice question will be created by default. To change the question type, click "Change Question Type" drop-down and then select the question type. View the Question Types Guide for more information on each of the question types.

change item type

Changing an item type after you've started collecting data will invalidate previous responses to that question.

Adapted from Qualtrics.

Deleting Questions

Deleting Questions

If you no longer need a question, it can be deleted. A deleted question will be stored in your trash bin until permanently deleted.

1. Click on the question and select the red minus sign.

Deleting a question in an active survey will invalidate all of the data associated with that question. View the Qualtrics tutorial on Testing and Editing an Active Survey for more information.

Adapted from Qualtrics.

Editing Multiple Questions

Editing Multiple Questions

Select multiple questions that you can then copy, delete, or move as a group.

To select multiple questions, there are three options:

  • Hold  Cmd  or  Ctrl  and click the questions you want to group.
  • Click the first question you want to select, hold Shiftand then click the last question you want to select. This will select the questions you clicked and all the questions in between.

Once you have selected multiple options, a list of group actions will appear to the right of the questions:

group options






  • Send to Trash: Delete selected questions. Deleted questions will be stored in your trash until permanently deleted.
  • Copy: Copy multiple questions at once. Copied questions are placed below the selected questions.
  • Group: Pull questions that are spread out across the survey into one location. Grouped questions are pulled to the location of the last selected question.
  • Move to a New Block: Create a new block and move selected questions into that block. The new block is placed at the end of the survey.
  • Move: Relocate all selected questions to a designated spot in the survey.
  • Validation: Enable Force Response on all selected questions.

Adapted from Qualtrics.

Copying Questions

Copying Questions

To copy a question from your current survey:

1. Click the question.

click question

2. Click copy from the options on the right side of the screen.

copy question

To learn how to copy a question from a previous survey or from the Qualtrics Library, click here

Adapted from Qualtrics.

Add A Page Break

Add Page Break allows you to break up a block of questions into separate pages. This is similar to inserting a break into a Word document. It’s great to use this option when you have a lengthy block of questions. It allows you to keep your survey in screen-sized chunks so that the participant does not become overwhelmed by having to scroll through a long screen of questions.

To use Add Page Break:

  1. Click the question you want the break to appear after.
  2. Click Add Page Break (located at the bottom of the blue bar on the far right).