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Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool for building, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

How to Print

Print Survey

A Print Survey button is available in the navigation bar under the Edit Survey tab. Use this button to create a physical copy of your survey or to print to pdf. Clicking Print Survey will open a new window of a printable version of the survey, as well as the print survey dialog. You can also download a document of your survey in the Microsoft Word .docx format (see below) and print from Word.

Adapted from Qualtrics.

Printing From An External Source

Printing From An External Source

Export to Word: The easiest option. Edit Survey -> Advanced Options -> Export Survey to Word.

Adapted from Qualtrics.

Printing to PDF

Printing to PDF

Mac: In Print dialog, click PDF dropdown and select Save As PDF.

Windows: If you have a pdf printer,it allows you to select it as a printer in the printer dialog. It will then convert it to a pdf document (or guide you through the process).