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Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool for building, distributing, and analyzing surveys.

Create a Survey

To Create a Survey

1. Login to Qualtrics

2. Click on the "Create Project" button:


3. On the next screen, the default option will be to 'Create a Project from Scratch':


  • From a Copy: This is used when you would like to copy a survey that is already in your account.
    • Choose the survey you'd like to copy.
    • Specify the new name of the survey and the folder it belongs it (optional).
    • Select "Create Project" to finish.
  • From a Library: This is used when you need a template of some kind. There are multiple survey libraries: The Qualtrics library has templates for many different types of surveys. You may also have a library with survey templates related to your brand.
    • Choose 'Qualtrics Library' to view survey templates from Qualtrics.
    • Specify the 'Source Project' template you want to use.
    • Give the survey a new name and optionally, assign the folder it belongs to.
    • Finish by selecting "Create Project".
    • Once you are done creating your survey, the system will take you to the 'Survey' tab where you can continue editing your survey
  • From a File:Upload a survey that is in QSF format and was previously exported from Qualtrics. QSF stands for 'Qualtrics Survey Format'.

Activating & Deactivating Surveys

1. From the 'My Projects Landing Page', click the arrow to the far left of the survey name and a menu will open. Click 'Activate' from the top of the menu. Once the survey is active, the status of the survey will say 'Active':



2. You can also automatically activate your survey by going to the 'Distributions' tab and selecting your method of sharing the survey: