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GPHY 425 Geographical Thought

AAG Style

Multiple author examples (most common):

  • The first author is last name, X. X., and then subsequent authors are first and middle initials, last name, separated by commas until all are listed. In text citations with up to three authors should use all author names; sources with more than three authors should be cited every time using the first author name and ―et al. (et al. should not be italicized.) 
  • Callifer et al. 1973 Smythe-Jones, X., L. Emmetson, and Q. Garraty. 1995. The art of copyediting: Nitpicking never ends. American Journal of Copyediting 27:167–89. 

Single author examples:

  • In the references section, three successive “em” dashes should be substituted for an author’s name (also for multiple authors) in second and subsequent citations to that author as single author of a source.
  • First reference by the author:
    •  Smythe-Jones, X. 1998. Copyediting: The authoritative tome. Cambridge, MA: Small Room Press.
  • Second reference/source by same author:
    • ———. 1999. Copyediting: Some things I forgot about last time. Cambridge, MA: Small Room Press.  

In text citations:

  • Author’s last name and year of publication. (Miller 2007)
  • Multiple citations should appear in date order and follow this punctuation format: (Zuckerman 1972; Barrett 1989; McNaughton, Reese, and Barrett 1989; Turner 1992, 1993; Parnell 1997a, 1997b) 

Source: Annals of the Association of the American Geographers (AAG) Citation Style 

Bibliographic managers

Workshops on bibliographic managers

The Library regulars offers workshops on using EndNote and EndNote Web as well as Zotero and Mendeley. Check the workshop schedule to find out when the next workshop will be offered.