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Locating Finland Profiles (Economic and Political environments)

Business Source Complete - Use this source to locate Country reports which will provide an overview of the Economic and Political environment.  There are several country reports produced by various publishers. You may want to look at the following reports:

  • Country Report: Finland - Published by the EIU, you can access reports up to  April 2013.  It provides a political and economic outlooks on Finland.

 To access the report enter Country Report: Finland in the search box and select SO (Publication Name) from the Dropdown menu.

  • Finland Country Monitor - These intelligence reports provide indepth economic outlooks for Finland.

To access the report enter Finland Country Monitor in the search box and select SO (Publication Name) from the Dropdown menu.

Working and Cost of Living Sources

Cost of Living Survey Report - Published in January 2012, this report provides a cost of living comparison between Helsinki and New York.  It uses an index and weights  so New York numbers will need to be calculated.  Table 5 provides cost of living results.

Working in Finland Published by The Ministry of Employment and the Economy, this  booklet provides information on commonly asked questions for those moving to Finland.

Cultural Characteristics of Finland

Country Insights – Center for Intercultural Learning

This site hosted by the Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada serves as a launching point to locate information on a country.  It will link  you to the best web sites on a country’s history, geography, economy, politics, and culture.  In addition, it also provides perspectives on a variety of topics such as communication styles, workplace conflict, hierarchy and decision-making and much more from a Canadian and Native perspective.

 Business Cultural Guides

This is a wiki in which each country page is hosted by an individual(s) living in the country or a professional with experience in cross-cultural communications.  Some entries are still being built.  Entries can include information about making appointments, dressing appropriately, negotiating agreements, managing products and human resources, entertaining and appropriate conversation topics and public behavior.

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

This website complements the articles by Hofstede on the 5 cultural dimensions (Power Distance Index, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance Index, and Long Term Orientation).  It provides the indexes for each dimension and then compares it to the average of other countries in its region.

Countries and Their

This site provides cultural information on a range of countries.  Each entry includes:

Culture Name/Alternative Name
History and Ethnic Relations
Urbanism, Architecture and Use of Space
Food and Economy
Social Stratification
Political LifeNon-governmental Organizations

Gender Role and Statuses
Marriage, Family and Kinship
Secular Celebrations
Arts and Humanities

Locating articles on expatriation

To locate articles about expatriation, use the following search subject terms in Business Source Complete

  • employment in foreign countries
  • expatriat*  (this will bring back all variations of the root word expatriat  (such as expatriates, expatriation, expatriating etc.)
  • For articles specifically about expats and Findland, enter Finland in the search box and select Geographic Terms.
  • For articles on training in preparation for an international assignments, use words train* AND "international assignment"

Subject Guide

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