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Locating Apple Acquisitions

User MergerStat to locate Apple's mergers and acquisitions.

  • Go to LexisNexis Academic
  • Click on Get Company Info
  • Type Apple in the company name field and click Go.
  • Select Apple, Inc (AAPL) from the results list.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen under Financials, select Mergers & Acquisitions, and click on Mergers
  • Look for examples where the BUYER is Apple, Inc.

Each record should contain details about an acquisition including a description and price of the deal.

Once you locate an acquisition to analyze, you can go to Business Source Complete and locate articles about the acquisition


Finding Articles about Timothy Cook and Apple's Organizational Culture

Use Business Source Complete or the Wall Street Journal to locate articles about Timothy Cook and Apple's organizational culture. 

To locate articles about Timothy Cook, enter Cook, Timothy in the search box and  select PERSON from the drop down menu.

To locate articles about organizational culture, try entering Apple as a Company Name and use terms like

  • culture
  • organizational culture
  • corporate culture
  • organizational change

Sources for Industry Information

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports: Use this database to access up-to-date industry reports and business environment profiles.  IBISWorld extensively covers over 900 industries, the major enterprises in those industries and the business conditions they face, providing you with valuable strategic and tactical business environment information.

Industry reports that may be helpful to analyze Apple are:

  • Electronic Computer Manufacturing (NAICS: 334111)
  • Computer Stores in the US (NAICS: 44312)

NOTE: IBISWorld provides current industry reports. Historical ones are not availble through this database. 

Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage: Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage provides you with industry surveys which Surveys cover industry trends, forecasts, major players and market share data, key ratios, and statistics.

From the database search box on the main search page:

  • Under Industry Surveys, select Computers: Hardware

NOTE: You can access Computers: Hardware industry surveys from 1998-present. Once you locate the industry survey, select the year you desire from the Archives drop-down menu.

Business Source Complete: Access Electronic Computer Manufacturing profiles from 2005-2013. 

  • Enter  Electronic Computer Manufacturing in the search box and select title from the drop down menu.
  • Enter United States and in the next search box and select GE (Geographic Terms) from the Drop down menu.

Apple Company Information

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Below are some sources to locate information about Apple's ethical decisionmaking and their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Apple's Supplier Responsibility - This page links to information about empowering workers, labor & human rights, health & safety and the environment.

Apple and the Environment - This page links to information about Apple's environmental responsibility, including product reports and renewable energy sources.

Business Source Complete -  Locate articles on Apple's CSR and ethical descisionmaking.  Example searches include:

  • Apple Inc. (CO - Company Entity) AND Social responsiblity of business (SU-Subject)
  • Apple Inc. (CO - Company Entity) AND Ethic* (SU-Subject)

You can also enter terms such as corporate responsibility, corporate social respsonsibility, etc.

Wall Street Journal (1984-present) - Locate articles on Apple's CSR and ethical descisionmaking.  Example searches include

  • Apple (ANYWHERE) AND (Ethic*) (ANYWHERE)
  • Apple Inc. (ANYWHERE) AND "Timothy Cook" (ANYWHERE)

Historical Wall Street Journal (1889-1994) 

To locate older articles about Apple, search the Historical Wall Street Journal.  You can do a general search like:

  • Apple Inc. (ANYWHERE)

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