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TRAILS (Treasure State Academic Information & Library Services)

Information regarding the purposes, processes and updates involved in the creation of the Treasure State Academic Information & Library Services Consortium.

Latest News (12.16.16)

The new logo!


and a new website is coming!

Latest News (11.7.16)

The first Chair and Secretary for the TRAILS General Council.

 2016 - 2018 Term 

Chair    Secretary



Christian Frazza
‚ÄčLibrary Director
            Carroll College



Jerusha Shipstead 
Library Director
‚ÄčDawson Community College

Big thanks to Christian and Jerusha for stepping up!                                                              

Latest News (8.17.16)

We're doing Alma training!

Chronology of Montana's Higher Educational Institutions



The academic libraries of Montana are committed to a cooperative and efficient information technology project that supports student success and faculty research by providing seamless access to high-quality information resources.


  1. Provide click-through access for students and faculty to all digital information resources purchased by any college or university in Montana.
  2. Develop library collections cooperatively and negotiate with information resource vendors with one powerful voice.
  3. Utilize cloud-based technologies for efficient support of teaching and research missions.

In order to make this collaboration a reality, there are several issues to pursue:

1. The current subscriptions for the respective Integrated Library Systems and the Primo Discovery Layer for the University of Montana and for the Montana State University are due to expire soon. Here are the expiration dates: 

  • MSU Symphony contract expires 12/31/16
  • UM Voyager contract expired 3 years ago and is on a year to year basis
  • Both Primo contracts expire 9/30/2016

* Because of these deadlines, it is crucial to review and acquire a new system which will serve the future needs of the MUS institutions in a relatively short time span. 

Another consideration is the length of time required to review the vendor proposals and the fact that any migration of this size will take at least a year to complete.

It must be noted, that if a new systems is not promptly secured, the subscription rate for the current ILS products will significantly and prohibitively increase.

2. There are multiple considerations to be researched and determine regarding the structure and operations of the proposed consortium, including but not limited to:

  • What shared services would provide the optimal benefit to consortial members?
  • What kind of organizational structure should the consortium have?
  • Which resources should be shared?
  • Who should serve on the consortial committees?
  • Will there be multiple membership levels?

A task force or committee has been assigned to each of these two major issues in order to research and make recommendations. Please see further information about these groups below.

TRAILS, Statewide Academic Libraries Coordinator

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Pamela Benjamin
Montana State University Library
P.O. Box 173320
Bozeman, MT 59717-3320